You are white—
you are male—
you are straight—
just check your DNA;
find something exotic;
identify as a rampant cow.

You can try to resist;
a bigot;
a racist;
misogynist—oy vey!
Even the language is against you.
PC freak;
be anything you want—just not you.

From man-up to man-flu—
the language is diseased;
they want you on your knees—
wearing a pretty dress;
there’s no limit to your privilege.
Gender-fluid to gender-neutral—
the words are so contrived;
they want you to feel shame and distress.
just as long as you don’t feel yourself.

You can try to resist;
manterrupting—oy vey!
Even the language is polluted.
PC freak;
be anything you want—just not you.

Dank Underworld

I inched into a dank underworld;
writhing bodies and walls smeared with sin.
Drunken lost souls tore away their skin.

My heart pounded and my hands trembled;
I stripped, friends left and we were strangers.
Too shameful to see the crude dangers.

Mindless beats didn’t stop grunting bare flesh;
my ears bled; rats crawled over my skin.
Something slithered in the endless din.

I groped passed writhing gooey male flesh;
avoided bodies chained to the walls.
Dark covered the shame and slime that crawls.

A sticky hand grabbed my repulsed skin;
dead eyes leered at my enticing smile.
He lowered his head—I thought him vile.

Male bodies cornered me in the dark;
bleak rooms, bars, chains among the faceless.
Sunrise released them soiled and shameless.

Take Offence

I dared to say what was on my mind;
caused her fragile little heart to race.
She said I was offensive—unkind.

Once her feeble little stomach churned,
my free speech couldn’t be allowed to spread.
I was an offender walking free.

I said something she didn’t want to hear;
social media said she was right.
She was addicted to the offence.

She festered over my cruel words;
barked enough to lure the largest herd.
So many new friends flocked to her gloom.

Another social pity magnet,
relying on tired old name-calling;
far easier than to just grow up.

Tolerance; fairness; equality.
Dare to share your views and opinions;
the oppressed know it’s low quality.

Virgin Queen

Virgin Queen
confined by chastity;
men basked in the light of my glories.

Virgin Queen
longed to hear words of truth;
men deceived for their own advancement.

Virgin Queen
yearned to be truly loved;
men crawled for their own depravity.

I Exist

I exist
inside your harsh fortress.
The sun never shines upon my face.

I am kept
both chaste and majestic.
I’m a figure to be ridiculed.

I wonder
will I escape from here.
To be rescued from this icy place.

Grew in Filth

Grew in filth;
burned with hatred—no love.
Poison rotted our tree with no cure.

Screams ignored;
growing pains—no escape.
the truth starved my heart of tenderness.

by the endless deceit.
My peers swam in deadly toxic waste.


lust and power worshipped.
Empathy and modesty despised.

an act of kindness mocked.
Abuse and greed openly revered.

Foul language,
sleaze and hate idolized.
Our proud twenty-first century norms.

Words Enslaved

Words enslaved—
false praise enchained my heart;
I lacked self-belief—my constant foe.

Diseased soul—
held his gun to my head;
murdered me with his whispers of love.

His hostage—
nothing I could have done;
fell to the mercy of flattery.


I wanted to be feared—
have others envy and revere me.

vanity consumed me—
have others adore and worship me.

desired to rule the world—
be smart enough; be sexy enough.

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