Mercy of Flattery

I fall to the mercy of flattery;
a slave to warm words.
Lack of self-belief is my foe;
smothered by arms of cruelty.

God, teach me how to.

Never Enough

I struggled; I stressed; I longed to be just like you.
My desire was to be accepted and respected.
My ego yearned to rule the world.
Vanity consumed me with the longing to be the most beautiful.
My prayers were full of pleading for what seemed not me—coveting.

Goodbye My Dearest Friend

The world just didn’t understand you;
no one sang the song quite the same way.
You tried to carve out your own place;
but it got too hard and you couldn’t stay.

The world always drove you insane;
too many people were too cruel.
You tried to ignore the abuse,
but in the end they crushed your heart.

Cut Yourself Free

man holds razor over wrist

The world felt dark and cold;
your heart and soul despaired.
You searched the horizon;
you believed no one cared.

Cut yourself free;
one slice is all you need.
Cut yourself free;
let your pain start to bleed.

Love Someone Like Me

two gay boys hugging image for Love Someone Like Me

We agreed to wait until the close of our year,
but I miss you more than what I’ll leave behind.
You paint yourself as selfish and sometimes unkind,
but I use your selfless magic to unwind.

When the demons penetrate my tormented mind,
your warm words make the world feel tender and smooth.
When my brutal past haunts me, and fills me with fear,
your hugs protect me from those who were cruel.

God Abandoned

crucifix abandoned

I struggled to breathe or reflect,
in the land that God abandoned.
The streets swarmed with the virus of every type of person.

Dragged me into a swamp of chaos,
travelling to work or to see a friend—so much noise.
My mind overcrowded in this land of limited space.

Born white, born straight, born male;
you better ditch those titles right now.
Check your DNA; find something exotic about yourself;
trust me, you’ll have an easier life if you identify as a rampant cow.

In our politically correct, liberal, feminist society
you can be anything you want to be except yourself, of course.
You can try to resist;
a bigot;
a racist;
a misogynist, if you please.
You don’t stand a chance; the language is even against you.
This artificial creation we now call our world wants to see you in a dress.

Take Offence (you know you want to)

Words and actions, but not to your satisfaction.
Words and actions: they cause you much agitation.
You know you ache to take offence;
please don’t keep us in suspense.

He dared to express what was on his mind;
caused your heart to race.
We know he was offensively unkind;
you had to be certain something was said.
Once your stomach churned,
his free speech could not be allowed to spread.

Poisonous Lies

Injected deep into the veins of those with hungry ears;
the whispered rumours of someone else’s pain.
They are ravenous tumours who feed on the flesh of fear.

The blood aches for the heat of fragile words fired at the heart;
bitter fags flap their lies into the night air.
They are diseased junkies who truly believe they are smart.

Daddy went crazy

Ten months had passed since I saw the vision of Father Christmas. My parents were still together, but things hadn’t improved. The arguments and fights continued; it felt normal to me, and I presumed all parents lived like that. I didn’t thought to mention it to school friends.

One October afternoon, while my younger brother played in the lounge and I up in my bedroom, my parents started another fight. It seemed more intense than usual, and Daddy shouted up to me. I ran to the stairs, but I froze part way down them when my father charged along the hall from the kitchen wielding a carving knife.

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