Unheard Voice

Welcome to my world. It’s a magical world where we are free. You can say and do as you wish. Bigots and priests, or those who are too afraid to live their own lives that feel the need to interfere in the lives of others, do not curse my special place.

I have experienced so many things and ideas in my lifetime. I have seen and heard things that were both beautiful and horrific. My self-expression is my most important tool, and I hope you’ll appreciate and love my art work.

Without this ability and gift, I would never have survived as long as I have. I would probably be locked up inside an asylum or dead.

God gave me the ability to reveal my heart and soul through words, and I want to share them with you here.

My words come from my heart and soul. They will take you to many places: dark, erotic, romantic, exciting, political and emotional.

World of the Introvert

This world values people who are socially confident, outgoing and forthright with their opinions. You’ve got to be the life and soul of the party, and you must be socialising as much as possible. Yes, we live in the world of the extrovert. And it sure can be a noisy and exhausting world to live in.

Society considers the quiet and less social as anti-social, aloof, pompous, standoffish and many other names designed to belittle us. Yes, we are the introverts, and somehow we live in a world that does not value our unique qualities.

We are not as quick to express our views and opinions, but not because we don’t have them. We just can’t be bothered to deal with the abuse that always comes from disgruntled extroverts. Bullying and belittling is always carried out by an extrovert. Introverts don’t bully because we are blessed/cursed with empathy.

It’s not that introverts haven’t had a positive impact on this world, it’s just the extroverts have been too noisy to notice.

Unheard Voices

There are many unheard voices in this world. I’m just one, but after forty years I’m sick of living in the shadow of extroverts. It’s been a headache putting up with their constant noise both online and offline because they just can’t function without being the centre of attention.

For forty years, I have heard their opinions about men, politics, white people, gays, immigration, cultures, celebrities, religion and every other subject you can think of. They claim to speak for all of us, but most times I have rolled my eyes or got angry in private.

Social media doesn’t offer introverts a solution either because extroverts have taken over these sites too. That’s why I created this website. I wanted a small space in this world where I could express my creativity and opinions without having to deal with the noise and bullying of the extroverts.

Let’s Connect

We introverts aren’t big on socialising, but when we do connect we form much stronger and deeper relationships based on mutual respect.