For the love of words

Hi, I’m Hadyn, and I welcome you to my space on the web. Here you’ll discover my creativity and thoughts.

As the title suggests, I am in love with words, and I enjoy using them as much as possible to create.

I mostly write poems, but sometimes there will be prose poems, short stories, flash fiction and perhaps the odd article about something I just had to express.

Much of what I write is autobiographical or something experienced by those close to me who have inspired me.

Strike a Pose

Another area of creativity I enjoy is playing around with images. There are some right here on this page for you to check out.

Yes, I often use the same image several times, but then there are many different ways to express the same photo. It’s fun just to experiment and see what I come up with.

I often use images to express my poetry, either using one or two lines or the entire piece.

Poetic Dance Mix

Creating dance music is another area of creativity I have loved since my teens. Singing is not really my thing though, so you won’t find any great hits here.

What I do have fun doing is putting my poems to dance music. This works great for me because there is no singing required. I simply speak the words and mix them into the music.

There are even remixes of my poems for you to enjoy, so if reading poetry isn’t your thing perhaps hearing them to a dance track is more to your liking.

My Why

I have experienced so many things in my life both beautiful and horrific. My self-expression is my most important outlet. Without this ability and gift, I would have probably wound up in an asylum or dead.

That’s why I created this website; I wanted a small space in this world where I could express my creativity and opinions.

God gave me the ability to show my heart and soul through words, and I want to share them with you. My words will take you to many places: dark, romantic, exciting, political and emotional.

Let’s Connect