Beasts of Terror

Beasts of terror rush across the land; their veins full of hate.
The settled masses are weak, immoral and wait to be destroyed.
Images of suffering blitz the feeble minds of the indigenous.
Miles of wasteland that once housed life — now just a place to avoid.

Talking heads fool the gullible; their dominance brought the darkness.
When lies fail let the child cry while the cameras swoop like vultures.
Corrupt leaders open the doors; the beasts may slaughter once again.
The people kept silent and ignored — now just a weakened culture.

Social media shames the rebel; their great sin is to oppose genocide.
To be ostracised never looked more progressive and virtuous.
Tweet, Like, which you choose is unimportant; the message must be shared.
Attention must be diverted to simpler things — allow the beasts to torture.

Bullying blinds the so-called progressives; only racists see the invasion.
Crush a way of life ’til no one can remember what’s been lost.
Minds erase the image of young men; where are your refugees anyway?
A dead child in the arms of a weeping mother — deceive at any cost.

The invaded open their listless arms; the predatory beasts are welcomed.
Chase the socially terrified to their own cultural annihilation.
An odour of death slithers across flabby flesh; ears burn deaf to reality.
No one hears the screams or sees the horror — a nightmare for girls and women.

The beasts sink their teeth into traditions; devour a once strong and vibrant land.
Afforded the world some of the many great ideas and creations.
They terrorise those who’ve lost their identity; unchallenged by the liberal.
Years of mass media manipulation — just ripe for destruction.

The androgynous can’t defend the land; too busy fighting for their irrelevance.
Whine in corners over the penis and vagina — which one rules?
Voracious beasts sharpen their killer fangs; more land can be conquered.
No real opponents to their terror — a land of liberal, feminist fools.

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