Born Gay

Born wicked in a world ruled by the morally superior,
with the power to cause pain and death to those born perverse.
It’s okay to abuse we who lay with man instead of woman.
So violently oppressed, but it is what we deserve.

My impressionable young mind was drowned with cruel words of hate,
before my sexual lust exploded upon the pure.
Men, women; feminists, misogynists; black or white; they unite.
To fight the gay abomination they struggle to cure.

A delicate flower; too toxic to help the strong real men,
so keep us hidden with the women to protect the studs.
We must learn our inferior place in the world; remain silent.
Beaten and trampled upon until we drown in the mud.

Sex education beat our male flesh with the stick of righteousness;
male sexuality doesn’t matter; a boy shouldn’t kiss boys.
Bend us over so we may find our dicks to remind us we’re gay.
No reason why I tingled, with a wish to be his toy.

We dare to succeed, but never to outshine our straight oppressors,
just skip about with our limp wrists, being trashy and dumb.
We need our betters to guide us through life, and give their approval.
Lacking the strength and skills to be considered above scum.

Hollow tolerance by the lefty liberals – we feel grateful,
now we can express ourselves quietly, and without force.
Our tiny and effeminate views could not be that important.
Most of us think only of whether he’s hung like a horse.

Make people laugh: here to entertain with our abnormalities,
as part of a circus freak-show that pleasures our betters.
Despite how much it hurts us, we must keep our tears hidden from view.
They’re unaware that we too weep over our love letters.

Born in a straight, cruel world, where we pay the price of oppression,
for being born creative, loving, beautiful and gay.
Divide and conquer is their desire, while we wish to unite us.
God forgive them for doubting He created us this way.

Born gay; it’s not okay.
Beaten, raped and murdered by heterosexual hate.
Born gay; we’ll burn in hell.
Two men loving each other is an unnatural state.
Throw us from straight towers,
but secretly you’d love to know what it’s like to be gay.

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