Broken Boy

Love comes in many forms or so we are told;
I thought you’d make me feel safe and warm forever.
Like a predator you hunted me all night;
giving me what my father would always withhold.

Your warmth took my hand, kissed it and held my gaze;
unsure if I were dreaming, I inhaled your scent.
For the first time, I felt a man’s strong embrace;
a lifetime aching to burn with the inner blaze.

Your smile bewitched the ghosts of my aching heart;
those honey words soothed my weeping and fragile soul.
A master of deception, you hid the truth;
behind closed doors you tore my sore body apart.

A thorn in their eyes, no one saw the bruises;
unspoken words that you despised anyone close.
Obsessed to possess my body for your lust;
imprisoned inside a love that no one chooses.

Glared at my body no matter where I stood;
men were a threat surrounding your sacred jewel.
The obsession to control caused you to hurt;
ensured you marked me before another man could.

Thrown to the floor with enraged irritation;
dragged by the hair when I dared to starve your dark lust.
My clothes torn from a body you smeared in fear;
under your fierce thrusts, I drowned in degradation.

A vice around my throat, I still suffocate;
the loss of breath while you crushed me beneath your strength.
Watching my love turn into something cruel;
no one saw my lost heart struggle to contemplate.

My vibrant spirit is lost to history;
nothing left of the boy I once shared with the world.
The cruel words you spoke echo through the years;
to love me will be forever a mystery.

Love swept us down the river of destruction;
the healed flesh conceals the broken bones of my soul.
Making love hurt is the gift you gave to me;
fear keeps my caged heart from embracing another.

You abused me until I was just your toy;
raised your fist to my beauty and made my heart bleed.
No one saw the truth hidden behind your smile;
I had become nothing more than your broken boy.

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