Dank Underworld

I inched into a dank underworld;
writhing bodies and walls smeared with sin.
Drunken lost souls tore away their skin.

My heart pounded and my hands trembled;
I stripped, friends left and we were strangers.
Too shameful to see the crude dangers.

Mindless beats didn’t stop grunting bare flesh;
my ears bled; rats crawled over my skin.
Something slithered in the endless din.

I groped passed writhing gooey male flesh;
avoided bodies chained to the walls.
Dark covered the shame and slime that crawls.

A sticky hand grabbed my repulsed skin;
dead eyes leered at my enticing smile.
He lowered his head—I thought him vile.

Male bodies cornered me in the dark;
bleak rooms, bars, chains among the faceless.
Sunrise released them soiled and shameless.