Dear Father

You invaded my dreams while strangers passed me by.
I screamed into the dark when I saw you in their face.
Men I had not met ran into my bedroom;
soothed my pounding heart.
With a smile, I had them take your place.

They whispered love into my ear;
for just a moment, I felt fatherly warmth.
Hope filled my broken heart—they may be you.
Released from the endless torment;
they wrapped me in their strong arms.

You left me a boy to pine and wonder;
never heard you say you love me.
I could only hold your hand in my dreams.
Only in the thick darkness could our words meet;
did you ever hear me whisper that I love you?

He tore my clothes—abused my body.
But you failed to save me from his destruction.
No sense of my suffering ever touched you.
And tears flowed over the filth he sowed;
but you failed to ease my agony and shame.

Part of you lived inside of me;
the world seen through your eyes.
You shone through every smile.
You swam inside my blood.
My voice heard only you with each word that I spoke.

Dear Father, how had I hurt you?
How did I shatter your heart?
Dear Father, why had I lost you?
How did I cause us to part?

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