Don’t Be Sorry

I felt his hand grope my skin;
his fear burned my soul.
I screamed into the darkness;
his scent stopped my death.
My family closed their eyes;
No one saw me beg.

I felt him invade my fire;
his pain scarred my sin.
I bled into the dark soil;
his rage bruised my heart.
My family closed their ears;
No one heard me cry.

Why did you snuff out my spark;
just a little boy.
Permitted to hold me down;
the world called me gay.
And to you I was born a whore;
and no one would ever stop you.

I feel his mark scar my skin;
his shame chokes my breath.
I weep into God’s warm hands;
his power does lift me.
My family made me cry;
I came that close to death.

Don’t be sorry; it’s human behaviour;
may God forgive you for what you did.
Don’t be sorry; it’s human cowardice;
Satan will show you the agony.

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