Forced Love

I spotted the figure of male darkness,
surrounded by an aura of despair.
My gaze soaked in his masculinity;
God’s soothing voice cautioned me to beware.

His intense eyes held me under their spell
while his narrow waist and broad chest entranced.
My breath vanished, frozen by fear and lust,
but little could I do while he advanced.

While he swaggered down a dim lit tunnel,
I followed the rebel without a cause.
My heart thumped against the urge to approach,
yet he enticed my sin without a pause.

While we paused farther inside the tunnel;
his inquiring eyes read my lustful thought.
My desire devoured the air between us;
the yearning to serve him meant I was caught.

My thudding heart drowned the river above
while his wink made me chew my lower lip.
The prospect of enslavement aroused me,
and I edged closer toward his firm grip.

He opened his coat and enveloped me,
and my hands pressed against his solid chest.
My eyes did not want to remain open
because God would see my desire to be blessed.

While he leaned in and kissed my trembling lips,
I lost my breath to his hypnotic eyes.
My body collapsed under his power,
and allowed him to tear through to his prize.

While his stubble grazed my smouldering neck,
his ravenous lips nibbled my soft skin.
My whimper caught his grunt and swirled as one;
he explored within where no man had been.

While he spun me over onto my front,
he crushed me against the cold tunnel floor.
My body raged while he forced inside me,
and he whispered in my ear I’m his whore.

His satisfied grunts slammed against my ears
while his beer-scented breath caressed my cheek.
My resolve weakened beneath his power,
and he squeezed his grip until I couldn’t speak.

Three hard thrusts filled the tunnel with my howls
while his arms wrapped under my heaving chest.
My eyelids squeezed together in pleasure,
and we panted while our hearts fought to rest.

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