I’m locked in a transfixed state,
burning with fires of passion.
Deep inside your dark warm eyes,
I travel toward my fate.

To sail across the wild sea,
beyond the hidden fourth world.
Falling straight into your warmth,
where I can be truly free.

You rest your head on my chest;
my heart pounds with compassion.
With the kiss of your soft lips,
tears fall because I am blessed.

To flow along untamed streams,
over Eastern waterfalls.
Falling straight into your heart,
where we can fulfil our dreams.

God is watching over us;
He knows the beauty within.
God is watching over you;
make love so life may begin.

He shall not destroy our love;
An Eastern sun warms my soul.
He shall never condemn us;
I commit my heart to you.

Freedom, inside a world that often says no.
To be the way we wish to be.
Only if society says so.
Let’s fight until we are truly free.

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