God Abandoned

I struggled to breathe or reflect,
in the land that God abandoned.
The streets swarmed with the virus of every type of person.

Dragged me into a swamp of chaos,
travelling to work or to see a friend—so much noise.
My mind overcrowded in this land of limited space.

Skirted the ravenous abyss,
I edged through a minefield.
Too much for me to take.
Too many words couldn’t be said.
Too many expressions forbidden.

Universities of educated fascists,
gagging opposing views—too fragile for real life.
I fired a gun to see how politically correct the bullets were,
shot across the land of false politeness.

Politeness stolen from the mouths of babes,
filled with words of filth and hate.
Kindness and respect were beaten and ravaged.
Each opened door disrespected my mind.
Satan crawled across the land,
and begged for the escape of death.

The corpse of discipline screamed,
drowned in maggots writhing for the last threads of tasty flesh.
Consumed with individuality no-one cared about their neighbour.
Freedom and good behaviour only the concern of the foolish.
Too late for this land that God abandoned.

Existence meant nothing without the gawking eyes of the zombie masses.
Sing a silly song; play at being someone else;
camera-cluttered streets made everybody a celebrity.
The obsession fuelled mass depression.

Minds can’t carry the weight of being a god;
this sickly culture believed the individual its own Almighty.
Headless chickens crazed trying to create their own rules; their own beliefs.
Tortured minds strained under the requirement to create the world.

Yearning for love; no heart for compassion.
Everyone too busy caressing their own interests.
No mind for empathy; no soul for sympathy.
Loneliness in this crowded land makes the heart weep.

Feet dragged in the filth of apathy.
Stampeded to their own gain—absolutely no shame.
Everyone an enemy to be crushed.
Everyone a god determined to conquer.
The sewer of dishonesty consumed everything it touched.

Violence, lust and power worshipped;
vile language, sleazy behaviour and hate considered good.
Gentleness, empathy and humility considered bad;
a mental illness that must be treated with hate.

False prophets, who believed they knew best—were all that existed.
Hold up a great mirror, through which they would see that this land God abandoned;
crawling with soulless demons rather than almighty gods.

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