In the dark

Forgive me for my youth;
I allowed him to make me old.
I am repentant now.
Forgive me for my youth;
I allowed him to scar my soul.

My blood spilled over the descending sun
where the Celtic Sea kissed the golden sands;
no longer could the world see what he had done.

In the dark I wept while he broke my young heart;
may God forgive him.

While family sang, drank and danced, they didn’t see
beneath his grip and perversions I squirmed;
no one came to save my youth or set me free.

I prayed for God to deliver me from the pain;
I reached out my hand to He who died for us.
In the hands of Christ, I felt my childhood start to wane.

In the dark I existed while they closed their eyes;
may God forgive them.

They didn’t hear me cry out into the starlit sky;
My terrified stare fixed on the blood-stained moon.
With each thrust, I prayed for God to just let me die.

No laughter, no games;
it was my youth.
No kindness, no warmth;
it was my youth.
No freedom, no love;
I was just a little boy.

In the dark my heart withered and broke;
may God forgive me.
I saw my light fade and die.
My kin just stood by, watched me break, watched me cry.

In the dark I was not free to just play;
the world saw me as just another gay.
Lord, please heal my broken heart and release me from the dark.

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