Do Introverts Need Time Alone?

Time alone in the countryside

Introverts need time alone to recharge their depleted energy levels. For an introvert spending large amounts of time around others, or in a highly stimulating environment, is like leaving the car lights on over night—you wake up to find your battery drained, and your car won’t start.

For an introvert some time alone is vital to survival. It gives us chance to recharge and reflect on everything we experienced before the solitude. We need time alone in the same way we need air to breathe.

Trust me, without this time alone we can become snappy, grumpy and just a complete nightmare. The urge to scream is something I often experience if I am denied my precious time alone for too long.

Time Alone is not Necessarily Quiet

Time alone for an introvert doesn’t have to be quiet. Often when we say me time, alone time or quiet time, we just mean with no one else around. It is the break from human interaction that we need.

Some introvert friends enjoy spending time alone playing video games or watching movies—neither of which would be considered quiet time.

Time alone playing Cities Skylines

I have a few favourite games I enjoy time alone with: Cities Skylines and 7 Days to Die. Trust me, 7 Days to Die is anything but peaceful time. Unless being hunted by zombies is your idea of peaceful.

Other times we enjoy listening to our favourite music, which again is hardly quiet. It is far less about being quiet and more about being away from other people, or over stimulating environments, which often sees us accused of being anti-social.

Time Alone is not Selfish

I’m guessing as an introvert you have been accused of being selfish because you have dared to insist you have time alone. Those days when you just can’t face hanging out with a friend or going to the “party of the year”.

It is perfectly okay to insist you have some time to yourself. It may be seen as selfish but that’s okay too. We all have to be selfish sometimes for our own wellbeing.

Introverts really do need solitude in the same way extroverts need time with others and social interactions. Would we call extroverts selfish when they satisfy their needs?

A Friend for Life

Respect an introvert’s need for solitude, and understand that it’s nothing personal when they insist on being on their own for a bit, and you’ll have a friend for life.

Friends with an introvert

One great quality of an introvert is we aren’t that demanding once you get past the long periods of time alone we need.

When an introvert is in your company, the focus will always be you because that is just how we function. We’re great listeners and have no desire to be centre of attention.

We just need that extra bit of time to recharge our batteries, get our thoughts and emotions in order before we get back out their and socialise again, which we do actually enjoy in small amounts.

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