Introvert quiet time

Introverts thrive in their quiet time.

That may sound crazy if you’re someone who finds time to yourself a nightmare or just downright boring.

But for those of us who are introverts those quiet moments, or alone times, are wonderful.

Not necessarily quiet

Alone time for an introvert doesn’t have to be quiet. Often when we say me time, alone time or quiet time, we just mean with no one else around. It is the break from human interaction that we enjoy.

Some of my introvert friends enjoy spending time alone playing video games or watching movies – neither of which would be considered quiet time. I have a few favourite games I enjoy alone time with: Cities Skylines and 7 Days to Die. Trust me, 7 Days to Die is anything but peaceful time. Unless being hunted by zombies is your idea of peaceful.

There are other times we enjoy listening to our favourite music, which again is hardly quiet. It is far less about being quiet and more about being away from other people, which often sees us accused of being anti-social.

Not anti-social

Just because introverts enjoy longer periods away from other people does not mean we are anti-social. Most of us have strong and deep relationships with our friends, colleagues and relatives. But we just need some time away from them all.

Even though we enjoy those moments with friends and colleagues, it can be rather exhausting after awhile.

This is especially true if much of the time spent with our social circle involves being in crowded places. Whereas most extroverts thrive in a busy social setting, we as introverts do not. But get us in a far more intimate setting and you will see just how sociable we can be.

We’ll still want to spend more time away from you than with you, but this is not a reflection of you as a person. This is just how we introverts function. We love time with you, but we need more time with ourselves. Of course, some may call this selfish.

Not selfish

Oftentimes we introverts are accused of being selfish because we make the shocking demand of time to ourselves. I’ve never understood how this is selfish or what’s so wrong with it if it is.

I’ve always found it far more selfish of others to put demands on our time, as if that person has some God given right to have our attention 24/7. Some people need to realise they are not the centre of our universe.

And even if it is selfish, there is nothing wrong with being selfish now and again, especially if it is for your wellbeing. I’m sure we could accuse that extrovert who is going on and on about himself during a party of being selfish, along with a few other choice words.

Friend for life

Respect an introverts need for quiet time, and understand that it is nothing personal when they insist on being on their own for a bit, and you’ll have a friend for life.

One great quality of an introvert is they aren’t that demanding once you get past the long periods of quiet time.

When an introvert is in your company the focus will always be you because that is just how we function. We’re great listeners and have no desire to be centre of attention.

We just need that extra bit of quiet time to recharge our batteries, get our thoughts and emotions in order before we get back out their and socialise again – which we do actually enjoy in small amounts.


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