Love Lives On

gay lovers on beach

© Epicstock |

I have been thinking of you.
More and more with each passing day.
No one will compare to you.
I wish life allowed you to stay.

I recall your deep hazel eyes.
A secret we still haven’t shared.
While alone, I release my cries.
You’re the one who truly cared.

I remember when you carried me to bed
on those long sweaty humid nights.
Glistening bodies under a moonlit sky,
caressing me to greater heights.

Your lips took my mind to new worlds,
causing my body to open up for you.
When your fingers caressed my skin,
waves of tingles caused me to feel fresh and new.

We cwtched up in front of the blazing fire,
on those frosty winter Brecon nights.
Your strong arms wrapped me in Celtic desire,
while your warm words filled me with delight.

I didn’t want to ever let you go;
With you I always felt safe and secure.
On the day I laid your soul to rest,
I feared I wouldn’t be able to endure.

Love lives on;
I feel your gentle kisses
even after you’re gone.
Love lives on;
I feel your delicate touch
while I lay here alone.

Goodbye my beautiful friend,
until we cwtch again.
Goodbye my handsome lover,
until we kiss again.

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