Mental Agony

While running through dingy hallways, I pull on each door but all are locked. Please, God, help me! There are no windows to escape through into the daylight sun.

Is the sunlight real or merely my mind playing tricks on me?

My chest aches while I hold my breath, trapped under a thick sheet of ice, with no one able to hear my watery screams. Why can’t anyone hear me calling? My fists pound from below while my heartbeat does the same inside my pleading chest.

Do I really see the world above or is it just another trick of my mind?

While staggering passed an army of soulless bodies, I gaze about for a means of escape. What’s with all these people? I got to get out of here! My exhausted heart takes a delicate leap when I spy a narrow spiral staircase.

Will I climb the stairs forever or will my body finally give in?

An unknown entity restrains me. I’m unable to catch a breath. My heart thumps at my chest while my gaze spies dark shadows surrounding me. Leave me alone! Get off me! I notice my body is naked, and I’m exposed to the whims of those creatures in the shadows.

Will they torture my naked flesh or enjoy my vulnerability in some other way?

A powerful urge to murder forces blood to swell my penis. Gently, I glide the dagger across his throat while he chokes on his own blood. What the hell am I doing? My screams are so sharp they squeeze blood from inside my throat and fill my mouth with a rich taste of lead.

Will the slaughter give sexual satisfaction or will my mind erase the experience?

I’m entangled under murky water flailing about in hungry reeds. A dark and painful life is a bloated cadaver that attracts monsters to feed on the uniqueness they dream of possessing. I wish they’d quit hunting me. A thousand sharp teeth tear at my flesh and feed on the my soul’s brilliance.

Will society’s abuse continue or drag my mind deeper into mental agony?

Thieves of memories dissect and devour my most intimate thoughts in the name of science. My soul rots while an attempt is made to solve the mystery of that which ravishes the mind. Stop asking me questions! The looky-loos gawk through the filthy metal bars at my battered skeletal body that lays in the decay of thoughts and nightmares.

Will their words end my mental agony or merely distract me for the moment?

They lust to glorify in an enigma but they’re not punished for their crimes against humanity. If you listen carefully you’ll hear them whisper that they were merely following orders. Their sanctimonious voices infuriate. But they are unable to hear the poisonous voices or see the putrid images that violate the exhausted mind within.

Will their attention bring artificial freedom or condemn me to more mental agony?

I’m buried alive as if Pharaoh inside a great pyramid. I gasp for breath while serpents coil around my throat and chest until the gentle snap brings the shadows falling from the walls. I know the truth that makes me appear insane. My enlightened vision enables me to see the endless traps; the constant risk of drowning in sand. The prospect is a welcome release.

Will the illumination remain or plummet me into darkness and ignorance?

While I straggle through a dense forest, with only the moon’s broken light as a guide, howling dogs, rampant foxes and that which cannot be explained terrify my mind. I’m surrounded by the darkness that so often comforts me. Please, turn off the noise. I wander in an endless search for a warm heart and a good soul to ease the pain of mental agony.

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