Perversion of Innocence

Born innocent. Fair skin; so beautiful; emerald eyes.
My face shone so brightly that people felt blessed.
I was an angel in human form; they just couldn’t resist.
They started to fatten on the perversion of innocence.

Daddy walked out; not even a kiss on my tear-stung face.
A serpent planted its seed within my chest.
My heart pumped poison through my veins; I screamed into the dark.
I began my ethereal perversion of innocence.

School injected a lethal bullying education.
I achieved the highest grade in self-loathing.
My peers thought me a whore; they hoped I would take my own life.
To liberate the world from my perversion of innocence.

Beauty that attracted creatures who crawled on their belly.
They slithered across my skin until it scarred.
I averted my gaze while they stroked their lustful demons.
Pinned down; I struggled against the perversion of innocence.

Family twisted and swayed in a violent tempest.
My branches snapped and fell from our diseased tree.
They crushed my dark, poisoned heart until it no longer bled.
Titillated those who loved the perversion of innocence.

The serpent slithered inside my cracked mind; it took control.
Terror and sadness haunted its cold thin blood.
After a lifetime of abuse it consumed my hatred.
It devoted itself to the perversion of innocence.

I mutated into a virus I could not escape.
My poisoned eyes looked for new ways to suffer.
I polluted the world as nothing more than a shadow.
Cavorted with those cursed by the perversion of innocence.

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