Poisonous Lies

Injected deep into the veins of those with hungry ears;
the whispered rumours of someone else’s pain.
They are ravenous tumours who feed on the flesh of fear.

The blood aches for the heat of fragile words fired at the heart;
bitter fags flap their lies into the night air.
They are diseased junkies who truly believe they are smart.

Every sleazy lip-synching mirror-boy lusting for meat;
stimulating whispers shoot up the needle.
Elephant-sized speakers blast a demonic droning beat.

Too enthusiastic to sting their friends in a heartbeat;
injected into two-faced fertile flowers.
Busy bees carry the essence to pollinate deceit.

They suck the candyman’s eager tongue while their cold hearts burn;
toxic rivers flow across their plastic skin.
Emaciated men gyrate to rumours with each turn.

Watch while they snort hypocrisy up their chiseled noses;
the candyman grows hate in their fertile veins.
Queens living in glasshouses forever striking poses.

Their victims are chilled by the persecutors’ cold shoulder;
they hold each sweet name on their delicate lips.
Each sip from the deadly chalice slowly makes them older.

They point their sharp manicured nails until they draw fresh blood;
it spills and bubbles with their acidic bile.
A high night but their victims collapse with a heavy thud.

Poisonous lies;
false words and a pretty smile.
Poisonous lies;
blood injected with thick bile.
Poisonous lies;
leaves their victims feeling vile.

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