Rescued Me

With you I have no cause to worry;
the pain of my history may be released.
With you I can be honest and naive;
the fear of abusive men is soon decreased.

When I reveal the truth of who I am,
you don’t react like a childish fool.
You understand my age dictates a past;
there was a life I lived before you.

Despite my many complexities,
you’re mature enough to dare to love me.
Where lesser mortals gave up too soon,
you choose to see the beauty within me.

When our brutal world kicks me to the ground,
I can be both wicked and cruel.
Pretentious, dogmatic, intolerant,
but these faults do not matter to you.

When my temper takes control of me,
you’re not afraid to ease my angry soul.
When my heart’s passions become aroused,
you possess the courage to take control.

To you I’m more unique than a freak;
you see the beauty that flows within my soul.
With you I can be selfish and heartless;
no fear you can’t handle when I lose control.

When you release me from my misery,
I see a world full of mystery.
You open the heart that I like to hide;
you don’t judge me for my history.

Despite my often angry nature,
you’d never harm the fragile me inside.
Unlike weak men who feared my spirit,
you’re someone within whom I can confide.

When our world drives me to despise myself,
I can be both needy and bitter.
Self-conscious, self-obsessed and demanding,
but I know you are not a quitter.

For the first time since I took a breath,
I know there is such a thing as true love.
For the first time since I kissed a man,
I believe someone will lift me above.

Rescued me!
That’s exactly what you did;
you rescued me from the pain of my life.
Life that was so demanding;
you are now my understanding.
You rescued me from a lifetime of strife.
Cruel men tried to take control;
but you’ve come to heal my hurt soul.
Rescued me!
That’s exactly what you did;
and I thank God you rescued me from disbelief.

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