Trophy Bitch

You saw happiness in my eyes;
my heart beat faster than before.
You felt your control slip away;
your disdain too vile to ignore.

Railed at him ’cause he was man enough;
no match for my hot-blooded Asian knight.
He kicked down my walls; hit the green light;
your dull British blood could never excite.

You create fear in clouds of smoke;
mould my man into your demon.
He only wants me for one thing;
just a vessel for his semen.

Reminding me that I’m not desired;
his intentions are creepy and cruel.
Flattering me with such pretty words;
to enter me or the British jewel.

I’d rather be his fed trophy bitch
than your unfed bored dog.
Trashing my man for his set of balls
’cause you crawled from a bog.

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