Virgin Queen

Inside a fortress I exist,
never to feel the sun upon my face.
There is a brief moment of warmth,
but it is soon removed from this cold place.
I am kept chaste and majestic;
a figure for others to ridicule.
Will I ever be free from here?

Inside the tower men languish,
never to feel the warmth of my glory.
They curse my conscience and my soul,
but my heart soon hardens to their story.
I am kept above and detached;
a figure others find despicable.
Will I ever be free from here?

Inside the castle I’m adored;
lustful men feel the need to deceive me.
Cruel intrigue haunts my worn soul,
but I am too wise for their trickery.
I am kept unloved and denied;
a figure for others to pillory.
Will I ever be free from here?

A lifetime of abuse hidden by chastity;
men crawl over me for their own depravity.
A lifetime of endless rumours and false stories;
men reaching to bask in the light of my glories.
Virgin Queen, longing to be free;
are you the man who holds the key?
Virgin Queen, yearning to feel love;
are you the man who’ll rise above?

Virgin Queen, I keep my silence;
married forever to my fears.
Virgin Queen, I hide my desires;
entwined by far too many tears.
No one can tempt me;
it is all that I know.
I long to be free;
will you be my release?

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